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Terms And Condition

This Terms of Use document is subject to the use of 4ARC Research’s services by its registered users such as customers or clients. You must review the website regularly for the updates in our terms of use document and if something is not suitable to you, you can discontinue use of our website.

For utilization of third party content, further terms and conditions may get applied in certain cases. Moreover, if there are particular features of the services on our website, you will get to know the related terms of use when you enter to that particular feature.

Following are the terms and conditions to which you are bound while using our website :

  • Use of content and IPR: You can access, download or print the content or material on this website for your personal use and information only. You can’t share out, circulate, make commercial use or do anything else with the content. The copyright, domain names, trademarks, database rights, and other Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) in all the content and material on the website belong to us. You can’t use our name in any respect to materials on this Site, without our preceding permission.
  • Privacy Policy: You personal information is valuable and company allows you to maintain your information including your username and password. You can check the complete document of our Privacy Policy
  • Purchase and licensing agreement: When you purchase any goods or services from the company, you agree to the terms of company’s Purchase and Licensing agreement.
  • Anti-hacking stipulation: You or anybody else is not allowed to modify or interfere with any of our service or content on the website. You can’t collect information of others in any form such as account information or passwords.
  • No advice or consultation: The content displayed or material used on our website is form the information purpose only and you shouldn’t consider it as an advice.
  • Links to other or third party websites: We don’t supervise content of other or third party websites as it could be there on our website via links. These links are provided just for your convenience and we don’t warranty the content of such third party websites. If there is any contract between a third party company of a linked website and you then you should comply their terms and conditions. We won’t be a party to any deal between you and third party, no matter if that third party's website is linked or not linked from our website or service.
  • Limited Liability: You should not depend on any content of the website while making decisions related to your business unless you take proper advice or consultation. We can’t assure you about the website speed or security. We won’t be responsible for the viruses or electronic bugs or any direct or indirect damage caused due to viruses traced to our website. We are not accountable for any direct, indirect or substantial losses occurred due to access of our website or the use of links from our website.
    We don’t promise the correctness, entirety, updates or other features of any content or information available on our website or through our service. If you are not satisfied with the service or the material or the terms of use then you can stop using our service or material. However, we won’t pay you any damages.
  • Governing Law: These Terms of Use and your use of our website or service are governed by the laws of State of Maharashtra (India). You obey all laws, obligations, regulations, and constraints which are applicable to you. If any term mentioned here is held untrue or illegal, remaining portions will remain the same and won’t be affected.
  • Use of your personal data: We use your personal information such as name, email id and other contact information to respond to your queries. Without your consent, we don’t share your information to other companies or third parties unless we have a legal obligation to do so. We take all required steps to maintain your personal information.
  • Prohibited Use: You are prohibited from violating any security features of the website or server. You are restricted to use content that is not intended for you or logging in unauthorised account or server. You can’t use the website or service to send unwanted e-mails. You are prohibited from trying to explore, scan, or test the susceptibility of the service, website, or any related system or network.
  • Media Policy: Any social media post, blogs or comments that you send us will be posted on respective social media under the terms of their own social media platform. We are not liable for this kind of sharing as other individuals control these platforms.
  • Intellectual Property: If not stated specifically, all information and content is copyrighted by us and you can’t make use of it other than mentioned in these terms of use. All trademarks, trade names, service marks and logos are those of their respective owners and are protected by appropriate trademark and copyright laws.