Customer FAQ

Q1. What can I do if I have doubts regarding report or customization requirements?

Ans. - If you want definite customizations or have queries related to the reports, you can mention it in the form which is accessible nearby report description page. You can also take help of syndicated studies which are organized for big audience. Or simply contact us via email – or phone - 918850127354

Q2. How should I place my order?

Ans. - There are three different methods of placing an order. You can choose any of the three depending upon your convenience, feasibility of time and your requirements.
  • Phone: You can call us directly on the number - 918850127354 to register. You can get assistance via our help lines which are there for you 24*7. These help lines present you substantial human touch right from placing your order to its delivery.
  • Email: Communication via email is a great idea to place order when you have busy schedule and willing to get details about your order. When you email us (Email Id – to place your order, our executive will get back to you within 24 hours and then with the further communication, you can have your order placed.
  • Straight Forward Purchase: Explore our website to look for the packages and then choose the most suitable one for you followed by the payment to us. You can then have on the spot delivery with respect to best industry practices.

Q3. What will be the cost and delivery time for a customized report?

Ans. -Once the deliverables are finalized, sales team will share the price and timeline of a customized report with you. You should contact the sales team for detailed information on the same.

Q4. What are the methods of making payment?

Ans. - Online payment and Bank/ Wire transfers are the options of payment for you. When you place order with the direct purchase, you can use credit cards such as VISA, master card, and American Express or debit cards. PayPal is also a great option for direct payments especially for clients in abroad. You can also go for Bank/ Wire transfers directly to our bank account. We also make instant receipt, instant invoice and remittance copy available for you.

Q5. What will be the format of a report that I receive?

Ans. - The reports are mainly delivered in PDF format and spreadsheets. Sometimes, it is provided as PPT depending upon client’s request.

Q6. How often the research studies are updated in your reports?

Ans. - It depends upon the need and traction. However, it may get updated once in 6 months or a year. You can contact our sales team at anytime to know about the updates in research studies.

Q7. What are your obligations about the delivery of purchased reports and other goods or services?

Ans. - The soft copy of a report is provided within 24 to 48 hours after the confirmation of the payment. For the delivery of hardcopy, agreement between the publisher of the report and the buyer takes place. We won’t be responsible for any setback or damage to the hard copy delivery of the reports or goods. However, client should instantly contact the sender if he gets delivery of a damaged copy or incorrect document.

Q8. Do you provide assistance even after the purchase of report?

Ans. - Yes, you can have a free communication for 30 minutes after every purchase. Here, you are free to ask queries associated with the reports.